Current situation

     The solar eclipse in the USA, on April 8, 2024 coincided with a peak in world oil prices.
     World crude oil production (after its peak in 2018) peaked post-covid in 2023 ("Seneca curve" of world crude oil production).
     Oil prices are subject to affordability limits -- as costs of extracting, transporting & refining oil tend to increase with depletion, if the prices paid don't cover the costs of keeping up the oil supply, the rates of oil extraction tend to decline.
     No power grid system yet gets even nearly half of its energy from such a wind and/or solar power; nor has artificial photosynthesis ever been commercialized -- ideas of the world "going green", without fossil fuels, remain fantastic.
     The USA, to the present, has shown a clear pattern of correlation with German imperialism before 1945 (Historical Connections and Predictions).
     The path of the solar eclipse of April 8, 2024 intersected with the path of the 2017 eclipse near Carbondale, Illinois, which has become an abortion center (Carbondale Il abortion).
     The path of the 2024 eclipse included several places named Nineveh (the name of the city destroyed in 612 BC).


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