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"This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you." -- John 15:12

"Whether people claim they are Christians or not is not what is ultimately important." -- Howard Storm

What prayer can mean -- Howard Storm

"I'm called 'new agey' by the Christians, and the non-Christians call me a Christian fanatic." -- Howard Storm

Howard Storm's claim about what angels showed him about the US' future

The song Howard Storm remembered in hell

The world in 2185 -- Howard Storm

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March 18
Big changes coming after June 20-21, 2016?
World economic collapse soon?
Seneca curve of world crude oil production
US murder rates contradict death penalty deterrence
JFK assassination conspiracy?
Select Historical Connections and Predictions
Segatashya -- a visitation from heaven?
Has a new era begun?
Glimpses of Eternity book & video
bright angels & music
General Douglas MacArthur on US war in Asia
world hunger crisis
Who's trustworthy?
Between Conflicts of Religion
Dannion Brinkley video & book excerpt
videos of weeping statues
Apocalypse 2012 book & video
videos of the "Lady of Light", Zeitoun, Egypt, 1968-70
The Oil Drum: discussions about energy & our future
world population growth vs. "peak oil"
video of Reinee Pasarow, about her near-death experience
"Near Death Chronicle" videos: Howard Storm et al
mountain demolition
America's Bubble Economy
Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq
Who are the neocons?
World Oil Production
US Debt Follies
Dahr Jamail appearance
Outdoor Labels
Inter-faith Religion
US unfunded liability
Computerized mathematics
future outlook
Placerville, CA, 9/18/03
Lake Tahoe & Carson City, NV, 9/19/03
the Great Basin (Nevada), 9/20/03
Alameda County Board of Supervisors' meeting (1.5 MB)
Louis Jones killed by the United States
"Sigma" Analysis
Buddhism and the Lotus Sutra
Priorities in the US death penalty abolition movement
US military's modern training to kill
US Murder Rates Relative to the Death Penalty (28 K)
Moratorium Day, Sacramento, California, May 1, 2002 (2.2 MB)
protest of the death penalty, San Quentin, CA, 4/6/02 (1,296 K)
seasons and weather
Sister Helen Prejean speaking appearance (863 K)
Mathematica graphics (199 K)
Good Books
War on Terrorism
protest of the death penalty, Oakland, CA, 12/13/01 (935 K)
anti-war protest, San Francisco, CA, 11/14/01 (905 K)
offices of Death Penalty Focus of California (730 K)
Board of Supervisors' meeting (829 K)
select"town meeting", Oakland, CA, 10/25/01 (1,574 K)
California death row from the outside (179 K)
selectGarza protest pictures (494 K)
Select Anti Death Penalty Information
projected end of US capital punishment (18 K)
Select Flight 191
Select Earth's Pre-history
select Sources of the Torah
SelectThe New Testament
select Truth, Perception, and Nihilism
Select Causes of Optimal Government
Select Geographic Plants and Animals
Select Methods for Learning
select Basic Nature of Government

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