Historical Connections and Predictions

     This page will point out patterns and coincidences between various events since about 1870, involving the expansion and contraction of various major world powers during that time.

     Major conclusions:  The USA may experience a collapse comparable to that of Germany in 1945

     The following is an outline of the basics of this theory.


Parallels of Imperialism and the Death Penalty
Germany, 1870 to 1945
Parallel similarity
United States, 1898 to 2023 (?)
Franco-Prussian War, 1870-1
first major foreign expansion
War of 1898
USA carries out the pre-planned seizure of the Philippines, etc., in a war started on a false pretext
(Japan's invasion of the Philippines began about 10 hours after the Pearl Harbor attack -- was the US war in the Philippines an example of some deeds leading to others, in the furure?)
World War I
major retreat from foreign imperialism
US withdrawal from western Europe after World War I, and realistic fear of the costs of foreign military entanglements
all adjacent countries except Switzerland conquered, 1940-1
unrealistic power pride
military triumph, 1945-50
about 2 million Japanese civilians die as a result of US fire-bomb raids in 1945 (arranged by Curtis LeMay)
Moscow, 1941-2
driven back from further attempt at conquest
North Korea, 1950-1
about 2 million North Korean civilians die as a result of US fire-bomb raids in 1950 (arranged by Curtis LeMay, who wanted to start a nuclear war with Russia from the 1940s until after the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 [when he was head of the US Air Force], and who ran for vice president with George Wallace in 1968, and urged that North Vietnam be bombed "back into the stone age")
Stalingrad, 1942-3
attempt to conquer areas to the south of the previous retreat, resulting in disaster
Indochina, 1965-73
about 3 million people die as a result of US military attacks
(Douglas MacArthur had privately urged President Kennedy not to send more US forces to Vietnam; Kennedy had partial withdrawal orders in effect when he was killed)
In October 1968, Nixon secretly and successfully urges the South Vietnamese dictator to keep his government out of the Paris peace talks, ensuring that the war continues until the 1968 election
Prokhorovka, Russia, July 12, 1943 (Battle of Kursk)
German advance stopped in history's largest tank battle
peak of final major attempt to regain the offensive
Mogadishu, Somalia, October 3-4, 1993
18 US soldiers killed in battle
(almost simultaneous with the defeat of the communist insurrection in Moscow; maybe illustrating that the world will deal with its business in its own time frame, without US imperialism)
1 to 2 million Iraqi civilians die as a result of US attacks and sanctions, 1991-2002
suppression of the Warsaw Uprising, August-October 2, 1944
major attack, during a general retreat, against a different group
US attacks on Yugoslavia, March-June, 1999 (having failed to get foreign inspectors back in Iraq)
revolt at "Birkenau" in Poland, October 7, 1944
Germany's killing capacity reduced by the destruction of killing facilities
peak in use of the death penalty after the last major military reversal
98 "executions" in the US, 1999
peak since 1951 in US use of the death penalty (?)
recent US state-murder rates
Battle of the Bulge,
final major attack on a newer front
Sequential pairs of most-recent US federal & California executions
US-California pair sequence
US federal executions
parallel similarities
California executions
6th-most-recent pair
Victor Feguer, March 15, 1963
both on the Ides of March
both exhausted appeals
Darrell Rich, March 15, 20002
5th-most-recent pair
Timothy McVeigh, June 11, 2001
neither exhausted appeals
Robert Massie, June 27, 2001
4th-most-recent pair
Juan Garza, June 19, 2001
both exhausted appeals
Stephen Anderson, January 29, 2002
3rd-most-recent pair
both exhausted appeals
Donald Beardslee, January 19, 2005
2nd-most-recent pair
Daniel Lee, July 14, 2020
both exhausted appeals
Stanley Williams, December 13, 2005
Most-recent pair
Wesley Purkey, July 16, 2020
both exhausted appeals
Clarence Allen, January 17, 2006
11 US federal "executions" after this, into January, 2021

Intervals Between Notable Events
First Event
Second Event
Third Event
Fourth Event
Credit Mobilier scandal
US, 1872-February 27, 1873
50.9 years
Teapot Dome scandal
US, 1923-February 8, 1924
50.5 years
Watergate scandal
US, 1973-August 9, 1974
24.5 years
Clinton scandal
US, 1998-February 12, 1999
German forces cut off at Stalingrad, November 1942
25.2 years
US forces retreat in the Tet Offensive, winter 1968
25.7 years
US retreats at Mogadishu, Somalia, October 1993
July 12, 1943
50.2 years
Mogadishu, Somalia
October 3, 1993
US military defeat
Mogadishu, Somalia
October 3-4, 1993
nearly simultaneous
defeat of the anti-democratic insurrection in Moscow
October 4, 1993
first "execution" in the US since 1967 of a person who exhausted the appeals process
May 25, 1979, 10:12 AM EDT
5 hours, 52 minutes
DC-10 crash
May 25, 1979, 3:04 PM CDT
275 killed
highest death toll in history of airplane crashes in the US
massacre of some 2,000 Iraqi soldiers by the US military
March 2, 1991
(2 days after the Gulf war cease-fire)
1 day
Los Angeles police videotaped beating Rodney King
March 3, 1991
First "execution" in California since 1967
April 21, 1992
8 days
Los Angeles riots begin after police are acquitted of the Rodney King beating charges
April 29, 1992
52 people killed
worst US riots in the 1900s
Teapot Dome, 1923
20 years
Prokhorovka, 1943
30 years
Watergate, 1973
20 years
Mogadishu, 1993

Events on the Ides of March
Julius Caesar assassinated1, 44 BC (Julian calendar)
Czar of Russia abdicates, 1917 (Gregorian Calendar)
Germany invades Czechoslovakia, 1939

The symmetries in the tables, above and below, were completed by California's killing of Donald Beardslee, on 1/19/05

Intra-California symmetry
"execution" of Aaron Mitchell, April 12, 1967
parallel similarity
execution of Donald Beardslee, January 19, 2005
first California execution since January 23, 1963 (4.2 years)
first California execution in 3-4 years
first California execution since January 29, 2002 (almost 3 years)
last previous California execution was of James Bentley, who exhausted appeals
both previous defendants executed in California exhausted appeals
last previous California execution was of Stephen Anderson, who exhausted appeals
Gov. Reagan, Republican
state killing approved by a Republican governor
Gov. Schwarzenegger, Republican
Reagan had been a fiction-film star
governor had been a famous Hollywood actor
Schwarzenegger was a fiction-film star
Reagan defeated second-term Democrat Edmund G. Brown Sr. in an election
governor had defeated a second-term Democrat in an election
Schwarzenegger defeated second-term Democrat Gray Davis in an election
Mitchell exhausted appeals
both defendants exhausted appeals
Beardslee exhausted appeals
last California execution until April 21, 1992 (over 25 years)
last California execution of this symmetry
last California execution before Williams and Allen

     Howard Storm's claim about what angels showed him about the US' future / The world in 2185 -- Howard Storm

     1 Plutarch's Parallel Lives (in Greek) says: "There is another story, too, told by many sources, to the effect that a diviner warned him to beware of great danger on the day of the month of March which the Romans call the Ides, and that when this day arrived Caesar called out to the diviner as he was on his way to the senate and said sarcastically, 'Well, the Ides of March have come!' And the diviner quietly replied: 'Yes, they have come, but they have not yet gone.'"; Suetonius' Lives of the Caesars (in Latin) says: "When Caesar was making a sacrifice the seer Spurinna warned him to look out for danger which would come no later than the Ides of March .... he entered the Senate Chamber, dismissing religious scruple and mocking Spurinna for making false predictions, since the Ides of March had come and brought him no harm. Spurinna, however, replied that though they had come, they had not yet gone .... It was decided that the Senate Chamber, in which he was killed, should be closed off and that senate meetings were never to take place on the Ides of March which should be renamed the Day of Parricide." (Oxford World's Classics, Oxford University Press -- the quote from Plutarch is from a volume entitled Roman Lives)
     2 There is another peculiarity with this Ides-of-March killing by California: the three "executions" by that state, previous to that one (in 1998-9), and the next two, were all on Tuesday (midnight Monday-Tuesday) -- but March 15, 2000, was a Wednesday, so this by-then-established pattern was broken in that case.
     Why this occurred is possibly known only to the officials involved -- it could be speculated that they preferred midnight Tuesday-Wednesday to inconvenience protesters more.
     However, it seems unlikely that anyone involved in setting this date (which was determined in state court) was aware of the hanging of Feguer on March 15, 1963 -- that deed was not covered by the New York Times, and received little press coverage outside of Iowa and Illinois, where Feguer's crime occurred (though Judge Blackmun's 40-page ruling in Feguer v. United States did become a landmark ruling in insanity-defense cases).


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