The 2005 edition of Howard Storm's book My Descent Into Death, Chapter The Past and the Future, has the following material:

     "God inspires every insight of science. We had used this inspiration to further our means of destruction. The great gifts that God wants to give us will not be given until we are loving enough to handle them. God wants to give us the power to control matter and energy with our minds, the ability to communicate directly with our thoughts, to travel through time and space by will, to have knowledge by contemplation. The power of these gifts is beyond our wildest imagination, but they will not be ours until we mature spiritually and can use those powers wisely and lovingly ...
     "I was amazed because I thought the future world would look like the science fiction I had been raised on. The future that I was being shown was completely different from what I expected. People lived in extreme simplicity and harmony. There was no want. Everyone was happy. There was no conflict.
     "I asked, 'When will this come about?'
     "They said, 'In two hundred years [by 2185].'
     "I contradicted them. 'Not in two hundred thousand years. People are not ready for this.'
     "They answered, "This is the future that God wants for humanity, and it will happen. This is the world God has created for us to live in. This is why God created human beings to live.'
     "'How will it happen?', I asked.
     "They answered, 'God is changing the world now. God wants worldwide conversion. God is going to awaken every person to be the person he or she was created to be. Those who accept God's will shall flourish, and those who deny God's love shall perish.'"

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