Troubles with biblical fundamentalism

Early biblical events, relative to science, history, & archeology

Time at which it occurred
Relation to biblical account
Humans inhabit the Americas
About 21,000 YBP (years before the present), at the height of the last ice age, when Beringia was at its largest size, due to lower sea levels
Paleoanthropology contradicts the Genesis human-origins story
Still-present ice sheets built up in Greenland & Antarctica
Hundreds of thousands of years, as evidenced by ice core samples
Shows that these glaciers could not have been submerged in the deep sea for months, as the Noah-Ark-flood story implies
New Kingdom (Egyptian Empire) continuously controls territory in the eastern Mediterranean, including "Canaan" (Palestine)
ca. 1550-1170 BC
Calls into question whether some of the events described in Exodus-Judges could have occurred
Egypt destroys a group called "Israel" in supressing a revolt in "Canaan", as described in the Merneptah Stele
ca. 1207 BC
Earliest known historical reference to "Israel"
Egypt lost control of "Canaan" in the Late Bronze Age Collapse
ca. 1170 BC
During the time when the biblical events before 931 BC would have happened
Judah & Israel separate (I Kings 12)
ca. 931 BC
Earliest date of biblical events which are historically verified (Timeline of the Bible) -- video Which Bible Characters are Historical? (19:13)
Composition of Genesis to II Kings
Centuries after 931 BC
Possible fiction/folklore?
sources of the Torah (Genesis through Deuteronomy)
Genesis flood narrative shows the sources of the Noah flood story
ca. fifth century (400s) BC
Torah stories were compiled long after the times they deal with
Discovery of the Rosetta Stone in Egypt
Helped facilitate the decipherment of Egyptian hieroglyphs
Jean-Francois Champollion deciphers Egyptian hieroglyphs, helping found modern Egyptology
Enabled knowledge of the bronze-age history of Egypt & "Canaan" (Palestine) to be re-discovered


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