War on Terrorism

     Concerning wars on terrorism, maybe we can back up and try to define "terrorism" clearly.
     Does the intentional killing of helpless people qualify? If so, and if Americans want to eradicate terrorism, why not abolish the death penalty?
     And, internationally, does military meddling in other countries' fights, so as to cause the deaths of some 2 million people since 1990, qualify? If so, why not withdraw US forces from Iraq and Afghanistan? And, according to the 2004 World Almanac, the source country for the largest number of refugees in the world (after Afghanistan, at 3.5 million) is Palestine (at 3 million -- no one's blaming Sweden or Switzerland for that).
     As the saying goes, what goes around comes around (or, maybe, "violence begets violence" would fit the situation) -- but, for an effective "war on terrorism", there is arguably no need for violence or killing anyone, but mainly for the repudiation of such things.


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