The Song That Howard Storm Remembered While in Hell

The 2005 edition of Howard Storm's book My Descent Into Death, Chapter The Light, begins:

"Lying there, torn apart, inside and out, I knew I was lost. I would never see the world again. I was left alone to become a creature of the dark.

"Then for the first time in my adult life a very old tune from childhood started going through my head. It was my voice, but it sounded like a little boy singing the same line over and over again. The child that I had once been was singing full of innocence, trust, and hope. "Jesus loves me, da da da ..." There was only that bit of the tune and those few words that I could remember. We had sung those words in Sunday school when I was a child.

"Somewhere out there in that vast darkness there could be something good. There is someone who might love me. I didn't have any theological interest about what it meant. It was simply a spontaneous recollection from my Sunday school days: Jesus loves me. Jesus loves me. Jesus loves me."


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