Moratorium Day

Protest of the death penalty

Californians for a Moratorium on Executions

State Capitol, Sacramento, California, May 1, 2002

Songs before the march

Ed Asner

Jan Gay, wife of a California death row inmate



Greg Wilhoit, who was on death row in Oklahoma

-- Though wrongly convicted, he continued to believe in the death penalty there
until a man he knew there was executed


The MC, Aundre Herron, a Death Penalty Focus of California board member


Stephen Rohde; Missy Longshore, Moratorium Campaign Coordinator


Bill Babbitt, brother of Manny Babbitt, who was executed in California in 1999

-- He turned his brother in to the police, after being assured by them
that Manny would be given help for his condition
-- Manny was apparently having a "flashback" to Vietnam,
not knowing where he was or what he was doing, at the time of the crime
-- Governor Davis, who is a Vietnam veteran, said in denying clemency for Babbitt
that being a Vietnam veteran is no excuse for killing