The 2005 edition of Howard Storm's book My Descent Into Death, Chapter Sent Back, says:

     "After my experience, I wanted to talk to somebody about what happened, but I didn't have any religious affiliation and didn't know any clergy. When I got home from the hospital, I called a nun who had been an art student of mine many years before. Sister Dolores was a history teacher at Notre Dame Academy, and we had kept in touch over the years. She was a fine person and we enjoyed talking about art. I asked her if she would come visit me. When she arrived, I was dressed in a bathrobe, wrapped in blankets, and sitting in a recliner. I said, 'Something very wonderful has happened to me. I have met Jesus.' Then I began to cry, and I couldn't stop. The harder I tried to stop, the harder I cried. After half an hour, she said she had to leave. Patiently, she had sat opposite me and watched me cry. I begged her to come back and apologized for crying. She promised to return in a week.
     "When she came back, I managed to tell her my story in about an hour. She was silent through my telling. When I had finished, I asked, 'Do you believe me?' She looked straight at me and answered, 'Of course I believe you, but I wonder why it took so long.'
     "'What do you mean, "Why did it take so long?"'
     "'Do you remember the first time we met?'
     "'You called me over to walk with you after the first day of class. You said you were an atheist and didn't want any religion in the classroom.'
     "'Oh, yes, I remember that."
     "'From that day, I have prayed for you every day, and I have had other sisters praying for you. That was thirteen years ago [1972]. I wonder why it took so long.'
     "Sister Dolores had been praying for me to know God for thirteen years. When people ask me why I have been given this experience, I tell them Sister Dolores prayed for me for thirteen years."

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