New era coming?

Special interval in 2013

From Friday, September 13, to Friday, December 13, is 13 weeks

     SS12 (the southern solstice, 2012) occurred at 3:12 AM PST, Friday, December 21, and was soon followed by 2013, the thirteenth year of this millennium (which began on January 1, 2001).
     SS12 was timed so that almost everywhere on Earth (with the exception of some areas in the western Pacific Ocean near the International Date Line), it occurred on Friday, during the thirteenth minute after the hour.*
     2013 has only two Friday-the-13ths (in September, and December), and the interval between them is 13 weeks.
     The Gregorian calendar began on Friday, 10/15/1582, and is named after Pope Gregory the thirteenth.
     "we, like human being, we always talking about secrets, but don't think about future, don't think what will happen, will be God's will" (; however, we might also note that the 1994 Rwandan genocide (a million people killed in a few months) may have been a warning for the United States, and for the rest of the world (,

     * It seems unlikely that the 11:12 AM UTC time for SS12 is in error: the US Naval Observatory page (linked above) listed it as 11:11, and changed it to 11:12 some years before 2012 (apparently, making a correction).


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