Events, 2019-20

Symmetries to be completed?

Timed to the Ides of March?

     Mirjana Soldo's book "My Heart Will Triumph" says that March 18 is a crucial date in the "10 secrets of Medjugorje", and that there will come a ten-day period in which she and the Franciscan priest Fr. Petar Ljubicic will go into prayer and fasting, after seven days of which, Fr. Ljubicic will announce to the world events which happen, beginning in three days.
     March 18 is three days after March 15 (the "Ides of March") -- the page Historical Connections and Predictions shows, in its second table, how the symmetry between the "executions" by the US government (starting in 1963), and those by the State of California (starting in 2000) coincided until 2005-6, and then leave an asymmetry with the last two by California -- but, in July 2019, the US government got five death warrants, for December and January.
     If the "Powers Above" limit these killings to only two (both of which exhaust the appeals process), that symmetry would be completed -- then, if the US government collapses as the German government did in 1945, the symmetry in the first table would also be completed.
     In the second table, the symmetry began on the Ides of March (March 15, in 1963 and 2000), and, March 18 is three days after the Ides of March -- might the three days start on March 15, 2020?


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