JFK Assassination Conspiracy?

     This page will point out patterns and coincidences between the murders of US presidents Lincoln and Kennedy.

     Thesis:  There are indications that a conspiracy was involved in the murder of President Kennedy, but that it involved supernatural influences, with only one human participant.

     The following is an outline of the basics of this conjecture.

Parallels between murderous events
Murder of President Lincoln, 4/14/1865
Parallel similarity
Murder of President Kennedy, 11/22/63
Lincoln told of a premonitory dream of his murder
both victims had premonitions of their murders
Kennedy told his wife, hours before, that someone might want to shoot him with a rifle from the window of a building, according to his aide Kenneth O'Donnell's 1972 book
Friday evening
both were killed after noon, on a Friday
Friday afternoon
in Ford's Theater
name similarities
in a Ford Lincoln Continental
died the next morning
both were killed by gunshot wounds to the back of the head, from which they never regained consciousness
killed instantly
John Wilkes Booth
each was killed by a man with 15 letters in his name
Lee Harvey Oswald
Andrew Johnson, of Tennessee
each was succeeded in office by a man from the former Confederacy, surnamed Johnson
Lyndon Johnson, of Texas
Lincoln & Grant had allowed the former Army of Northern Virginia to freely leave
each had profound qualms about popular desires to punish large groups of people
Kennedy intended to withdraw US forces from Vietnam after the 1964 election, and had an order (which was rescinded the weekend after he was killed) in effect to withdraw 1600 troops

     "God is subtle, but not malicious" -- can we deduce anything, from the material above?


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