Mathematica Graphics

Command: ComplexPlot3D

Commands: Plot3D, Hue

From "User's Guide", Mathematica Link for Excel

Klein bottles

Commands: ParametricPlot3D, & (below) EdgeForm, Hue

Filled plot of y = x, x2, x3, x4

Command: FilledPlot

Commands: Plot, BesselJ

Commands: Plot, LegendreP

Command: ParametricPlot3D

(Front face removed to view the inside)

Commands: Graphics`Polyhedra`, Drop Dodecahedron, Show Graphics3D

Commands: Graphics`Polyhedra`, Stellate Icosahedron, Show Graphics3D

Command: ParametricPlot3D

Commands: Graphics`ParametricPlot3D`, SphericalPlot3D

Curve generated: y = 2.37 +2.44964x -.416071x2,

from the points (1, 4.2), (2, 5.6), (3, 6.9), (4, 4.8), (5, 3.9), (6, 2.4)
Commands: Fit, Plot

Curve generated: y = 5.1051 + 2.8413 * arctangent (.0319(-1987.8138 + x))

Data from the UN numbers, from World population estimates
Commands: Statistics, NonLinearFit, Plot

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