Much of "Silicon Valley" to collapse into civil chaos?

To be soon followed by much of the rest of California?

To be soon followed by much of the rest of the US, then by much of the rest of the world?

     Unsustainable California and California's 'wall of debt' is only a slice of its liability problem show some of how California's finances are unsustainable, over the long run -- and, its "Silicon Valley" is heavily dependent on things brought in from outside that area (food, fuel, water, electricity, etc.). As a saying goes, "as goes California, so goes the nation". shows a corresponding symmetrical similarity between German imperialism, 1870-1945, and US imperialism, 1898-2016; and, shows how, on the southern solstice, 2012, it was Friday almost everywhere on Earth, and the thirteenth minute after the hour.
     Incremental_crude_world -- Jan 2001-Dec2014 shows some of how world production of heavy crude oil (with the "long chain" molecules, from which fuels like diesel, or kerosene for jet fuel, are made) appears to have peaked in about late 2012; and, Incremental crude oil production February 2014-15 shows some of how total world crude oil production (including US "fracking", which produces mostly "light" crude oil, for such as gasoline) appears to have peaked in about late 2014 (the graph at "Seneca curve" of world crude oil production peaks on New Year's Eve, 2014-5). shows some of how oil prices which have, since 2014, been far below the cost of replacing the currently-producing oil wells when they deplete (, must inevitably result in a huge decline in world oil supply, if those low prices persist; and, also, how those prices largely result from chronic inability to afford the cost of maintaining world oil production at 2014-5 levels.
     With "renewable energy" never having demonstrated ability to function without the fossil-fuel-based infrastructure, should we count on the current paradigm continuing?


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