CLE 07 - Dannion Brinkley - The Changing Face of Time - 2012 is Coming 1:28:30 - 2 years ago -- 2/10/07 video -- as energy, our knowledge of the world of time and space have been greatly altered. The next six years are destined to be chocked full of amazing shifts and changes. Join Dannion ...

     The 2008 book Secrets of the Light has, in chapter 8 ("Varying Degrees of Heaven"): "During the operation to drill holes in my skull [9/17/97], I returned to the heavenly realm and discovered some things I had not noticed before. I debated over the years whether to disclose the details of my third near-death experience, as I could find no mental framework appropriate for conveying the disturbing details that demanded to be part of the story. What my soul experienced while my body underwent brain surgery was dreadfully discombobulating.
     "In thousands of lectures, I had assured listeners that there was no such thing as Hell. I rationalized this quite aptly to my audiences, 'If I didn't go there, with the trouble I've stirred up in my life, then surely none of you are going!' I genuinely believed this statement to be a verifiable fact. In my previous visits to Heaven [in 1975 and 1989], I had personally witnessed only states of love and levels of bliss. And after I'd had the time to properly assimilate all of the details of my experience, I was happy to report my findings to the world. I'd gained this perspective with the greatest of ease. Never, in my wildest imaginings, had I dared to conceive there might be more to the Hereafter than what I had been shown in my first two near-death experiences.
     Chapter 9 ("The Fertile Void"): "Then, one afternoon, while still recovering from the surgery, I was absentmindedly leafing through the Bible when my eyes fell upon Mark 10:14-15. Here Jesus says, 'Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of God. Verily I say unto you, Whoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child he shall not enter therein.' When I read this scripture, I remembered it from my Sunday school classes. In an instant, the proverbial lightbulb flicked on in my head. At last, all of that infernal Bible thumping from my childhood was starting to make some sense. In these few sentences, I found one of the greatest secrets of the light. Or more aptly put, I discerned exactly what was keeping multitudes of people far from the light. This short scripture gifted me with the epiphany that had eluded me for so long.
     "I finally got it! The trapped souls I beheld between Heaven and Earth were not being detained against their will; they were being held by and according to their will. The agony they experienced was of their own making ... Without proper spiritual grounding, what had happened to them could happen to any of us.
     "Although this striking insight brought me a sense of comfort, I continued to be plagued by sleepless nights spent mulling over the blue-gray place. How did it exist? What made such a place possible in the spiritual hierarchy? I couldn't stop thinking about it. The more I thought about it, the more outraged I became at the active role our governments, institutions, and religions have conspired to play in the spiritual bankruptcy of America. Because of their failure to inspire a living faith in a fair and just system that protects and guides us as we leave this world, we have all suffered immensely. As a nation, we have unwittingly allowed this soulless agenda, contrived and perpetrated against us, to successfully disconnect us from eternal destiny. As an unfortunate result, the vast majority of us spend our entire lives trying to avoid the inevitable. Or we hope, with our last breath, that somehow death will pass us by. In heaven, I was shown the essential part death actually plays. It is an invaluable facet of the eternal, and this truth needs to be inculcated from childhood as a core belief, taught as part of our education just like the ABCs and multiplication tables. The way I see it, death was conceived by God to be the ultimate life coach."